Nic is a multitalented photographer with diverse experience including shoots for Nike, Base Modern, Machine Apparel, Mantel, Wolfbird, and many more.

Her inspirations include David LaChapelle, Miles Aldridge, Gregory Crewdson, and Holly Andres.

She's also influenced by the layered storytelling of Jeffrey Eugenides and Haruki Murakami.

Nic's work incorporates surreal and cinematic elements, taking the natural and adding something plastic and almost sticky. Something that just won't let go.

A Northwest native, Nic came of age in a small town in the Columbia River Gorge where natural beauty was everywhere.  At 12, she picked up her first camera, a yellow kodak. Nic hurried to capture all that nature. 

She got her first roll developed.

Major letdown.

Nic held the limp snapshot between index and thumb, flopping it around a bit. It was pretty but boring. A packrat, she shoeboxed the photos, turned on the stereo, and opened up her mom's Vogue.

Nic took more photos later that week. Look, she didn't have some Vogue-induced epiphany. She was just bored, and her town was still very small. Nic grabbed the camera, nixed the nature, and forced her stepsister to pose for her. 

That roll was the epiphany.